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Chaffinches had some visitors this morning from Macqueen Veterinary Hospital! They learnt all about caring for a pet when it is poorly and also preventative care. They enjoyed bandaging the poorly pup's leg and listening for his pulse!


Yesterday each class had a visit from our local PCSO to talk about internet safety and cyberbullying. The children asked really good questions and were able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet.  We had a little spare time afterwards so we got to have a look at the police car!


Owls had a fantastic time at the Science museum yesterday. We flew through Space and experienced lots of hands on science activities. 







Chaffinches had a brilliant time at Steam on Wednesday. During our discovery session, we learnt all about the building of the Great Western Railway. The children asked some excellent questions and the staff were very impressed with their existing knowledge about Brunel and Box Tunnel.