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Chaffinches have been having a great time at Forest School – despite the weather! It has been wonderful to be surrounded by the bluebells as we have been learning. Over the last few weeks we have been developing our team work and problem solving skills. We have been inspired by our study of scientists and inventors so we have been building our own structures and creating our own games!







It was Mexican Day in Chaffinches this week! The children fully immersed themselves in Mexican tradition to celebrate all the learning that has taken place during their Mexico topic this term.

The children came dressed in Mexican attire, including ponchos, sombreros, Day of the Dead costumes and even a cactus outfit! In the morning the children prepared a Mexican feast, including chilli, guacamole and cheesy nachos, all made from scratch by their own fair hands! Once the food was ready they sat down to enjoy their meal together as a class. They even did all of the washing-up!

In the afternoon they learnt a tradition Mexican dance; The Mexican Hat Dance. They then performed this to the rest of the school before settling down to watch the Day of the Dead inspired film Coco.

Thank you to the parents / carers who provided such excellent outfits.




We held our annual Shrove Tuesday pancake race on Tuesday 5th March 2019. The whole school were involved in family group relay races. Well done to Deer who won by a very impressive margin! The children all enjoyed a fresh pancake afterwards!




Chaffinches made 'Pan de Muerto' yesterday as part of their Mexico study. It was a great success. They even did their own photography!