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The Curriculum

Our aims for the curriculum are for children to develop:

  • As well motivated, confident and independent learners with inquiring minds;
  • The ability to think imaginatively and to use questioning and problem solving skills;
  • A range of knowledge, skills and understanding, including literacy and numeracy, and the  ability to apply them in a variety of contexts;
  • The skills to communicate with others;
  • An ability to establish and enhance personal relationships;
  • Creativity and an appreciation of the creativity of others;
  • Appreciation of human achievements and aspirations;
  • Awareness of themselves and the need to care for and protect their own mind and body
  • A firm foundation of moral and spiritual values;
  • A sense of social responsibility and an understanding of the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations within the world;
  • A commitment to lifelong learning as preparation for continuing education and adult life in a technological and rapidly changing society.

Themed – based approach to learning

We believe that the children require a broad and balanced curriculum. Although some subjects need to be taught discretely, others can be linked together. Therefore a themed – based approach to learning is at the heart of everything we do at Urchfont. We try to involve children in what they want to learn and use skills they have learnt across the curriculum to increase their knowledge and understanding. Subjects such as History, Geography, Music, Art and Design and Technology are taught using this approach. If other subjects already discussed can also be linked then we will to ensure that a coherent approach is presented to the children.

The following links shows a basic outline of our Curriculum, for each class, for the current school year.

Long term planning – Robins

Long term planning – Chaffinches

Long term planning – Woodpeckers

Long term planning – Owls

Further information on the National Curriculum can be found on the Government's website: National Curriculum Information