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Another super day had by all. The children (& staff) all had a good night's sleep. In fact most children had to be woken up this morning and wanted more sleep so yesterday must have been good day. Food is delicious (again) - sauages and beans for breakfast (+ cereals, toast, yoghurts and fruit), pizza or beef fried rice as the main for lunch and roast dinner this evening. Again all of us have eaten very well (too well for some of us). Activities have been most enjoyable and have included the two peron buggies driving, fencing, problem solving, abseiling or low ropes and last but not least 3D swing. All the children had a go and most went as high as you could go. Great video clips were taken. Mrs James, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Talbot also took the plunge and went to the top. Lots of screraming especially from Mrs Talbot, some shaking occurred after getting of the swing and a strong cup of tea was needed! But all have survived for tomorrow's activities.

The children have smiled all day and have been a pleasure to be around. They have been well behaved andall have shown a thirst for new experiences.

Mrs Talbot